Zenith EdTech Solutions

Committed to revolutionize education ecosystem of Kalyan Karnataka region by acting as a catalyst throughout the learning lifecycle.
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Guiding Principles Of ZES


Enable schools and teachers to deliver high-demanded, advanced and future oriented learning methodologies.


Imbibe ‘learning-how-to-learn’ culture from an early age among the students.


Foster 21st century skills to create future leaders.


Facilitate profound decision-making at various critical junctures of career.


Offer innovative EdTech solutions backed by research and aligned with curriculum and individual learning needs.


Encourage project based learning and real-world application of knowledge acquired.


To positively influence students’ life, to bring out responsible citizens in them, so as to make huge difference to the overall community and nation


ZES offers comprehensive EdTech Solutions ranging from STEM based learning tools for school students to emerging technologies training for graduates and mid-career professionals, career counselling for high schools students to mid-career professionals, from STEM based activities to AI and Robotic labs for schools and also from activities supporting teaching to advanced professional development training for teachers. All these to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps to create future leaders, provide access of emerging trends and latest technologies to a larger community and make it affordable and possible for the schools to upgrade and adopt to ever-changing demands of real world beyond school boundaries.

Our Solutions

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Future Tech Training for Kids:

Organize intrigued & specialized workshops on emerging technologies for extra-ordinary kids who wants to learn and grow beyond classroom, giving them hands-on exposure.


Career Counseling & Coaching:

Help students and graduates find the right career path by using Psychometric tools for a personalised and in-depth career advice to further in a specific direction.


Essential and Life-Skills Training:

Developing Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour of students and graduates which are vital for success in 21st century and to make them Industry ready and create future leaders.


STEM/Tinkering Lab in Schools

Labs with incorporated pedagogical techniques which facilitates better understanding of theoretical knowledge and experiment in a risk-free environment.

Competitions, Camps & Visits

Organizing and conducting various Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular activities in a more engaging and fun-oriented way to foster holistic learning and growth.

Blended Teacher Development

Upskill teaching skills and self professional development to adopt a Learner-Centric Pedagogy with technology integration, intended for digital native students.