Essential and Life Skills Training

Life skills may be defined as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

– Albert Einstein

To grow into well-functioning adults, it is critical that youth learn key life skills at a younger age. Life skills include critical thinking, creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept.


Develop innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. Think outside the box, brainstorm ideas, find different alternatives & possibilities.

Critical Thinking

Develop a logical approach to problem solving. Gather, interpret and analyze relevant information. Inculcate fast paced decision making.


Project yourself confidently, convey ideas constructively and inform, instruct, persuade and motivate others effectively.


Work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams. Develop adaptability and flexibility; consider compromises to get the best possible results.

The world is changing and it’s time we wake up!

  • Are you looking to develop ‘Skills of 2030’ in your child?
  • Do you want your child to lead in life and be innovative thinker among his friends?
  • Are you keen to expose your child to real-life challenges rather than just focusing on his/her marks and grades?

If these questions are on your mind, then we welcome you to Zenith EdTech Solutions,

Zenith EdTech Solutions has a core belief that children, with early exposure to entrepreneurial mindset and life skills, develop abilities to think beyond the obvious, nurture inner conviction to overcome challenges, manage failures and collaborate to solve problems.

Recognizing the need of schools, educators and parents, Zenith EdTech Solutions has built a learning ecosystem for school children. It consists of engaging interventions ranging from workshops, boot camps, coding, problem-solving hackathons, assessment, tools; to flagship future leadership programs.

All these interventions are age-appropriate, modular, backed by a structured curriculum, deployed through experiential learning techniques. It gives us great flexibility to customize a solution to suit the specific needs of students across ages, regions and income groups. We cater to individuals, as well as we enjoy partnering with organizations, foundations, schools, colleges and relevant government sectors.


Life skills help people make responsible and informed choices and can promote healthy lifestyles as well as career skills. According to WHO, “Every school should enable children and adolescents at all levels to learn critical health and life skills.”

To create awareness and formulate a practically implementable curriculum on Life Skills Education (LSE)

ZES deals with learning of the real life skills which are not only important but also growth and career oriented.

To develop the “Life Skills” laid down by WHO, amongst children, young adults, working professionals and society at large, in India and across nations

What They’re Saying

Participants Testimonials

“We were gifted with an opportunity to learn managing Time, Stress and learn about Interpersonal Skills. At the same time we got to learn Job Winning Skills which is very useful in our future”

Syeda Mustafa Samdani

ABRDC&H , Kalaburgi

“Yes it is really a nice experience, in 6 days of training I have learnt so much and individual can change her/ him by this most needed training about so many things in daily life which  could lead better personality.”

Ambika K

ABRDC&H , Kalaburgi

“Fantastic fabulous really I became fan of Zamir Sir.. I learned a lot from sir.. I’m totally improving myself changing my self.. this is just because of Zamir Sir, even I want take a pic with Zamir Sir for my bestest memory which I want to remember daily”

Siddiqua Nausheen

ABRDC&H , Kalaburgi

“It was well conveyed, easy to understand, relatable and knowledgeable. Many useful techniques were taught to improve our productivity and gained a clear view on many important aspects other than being limited to bookish knowledge. Experience shared by the speaker was of great help.”

Asna Ara

ABRDC&H , Kalaburgi

“The webinar was so interesting .. I had no idea of continuing my studies after my BCA . Thank you God I’m much interested now, lets hope for the best.

Thanks for the Webinar”


Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu

“It was very fruitful and informative webinar, it help us to make our goals very clear. Thank you so much sir for this wonderful webinar.”


Venus Institute of Physiotherapy, Gujarat