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The ever-changing industry landscape and host of emerging technologies are changing the future of work rapidly and continuously and hence the lifecycle of education system must also evolve at a much higher pace. The Kalyan Karnataka region with its repute as Education Hub and ever-increasing number of institutes is creating thousands of graduates every year but unfortunately most of them possess low employability skills and having good knowledge of emerging technologies but far below application in the real world. Fresh graduates and graduates with 4-5 years industry experience along with thousands of unemployed graduates are looking for reskilling and upskilling within a short span after graduation and frequently. The career streams selected are often compelled due to lucrative salary offering and/or family or friends’ influence, but without any scientific approach and hence leading to unemployment, early and frequent career shifts and prolong careers to ensure adequate earnings for rest of the life span.

The problem is too large to be addressed by catering to the needs of undergraduates and fresh graduates; rather it must be instilled from a very young age in every student. Another vital need is enhancing knowledge and equipping the educators’ skillsets and institutes’ infrastructure along, so as to ensure holistic and all round development for a sustained reform. The curriculum is bound to be upgraded with the advent of Nation Education Policy 2020; what’s challenging now is to execute this policy in collaboration with industry and paving the path for bright future career of the students. This will surely create a robust model of knowledgeable society and will have cascading benefits for generations to come.


The region has given birth to intellects and talented students, most of them who have pursued their career in many different fields and in almost every corner of the globe. The idea seeded in the mind of one such individual who was having a fulfilling career in the Middle East Region with flourishing performance in the field of Training and Development. During the pandemic he happens to realize the vast gap between our current education system and ever-evolving industry requirements. This was the very moment he decided to bridge this gap by forgoing his personal career fulfillment to shape the careers of several students of the region. He had no idea as to how he will do this in the beginning, but only had the passion and zeal to make this possible at any cost and started with offering his knowledge and expertise free of cost to the people who approached and is doing so even now.

Different niche of market demands different level of service, interaction and delivery. Hence to cater to the needs and wants of such individuals is the genesis behind the birth of ZES in October 2020.



To inspire lives by educating future leaders and enabling swift adoption of EdTech & STEAM Education across the learning lifecycle.


Expand the learning boundaries and promote use of technology in education by empowering educators and learners in fostering global competencies and develop mindset and skill-set that stays relevant in future along with providing best quality education possible which ensures value-based holistic development and remains accessible to all learners.



  • Act with Integrity
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Intellectual Excellence
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Passionate Communication
  • Pursue Growth and Learning