Career Counseling

  • Career Counseling is a systematic process which will help students from VIII standard to mid-career working professionals to take informed career decisions.
  • Career Counseling cannot be biased towards parents or towards students. Neither career counselor can pick their own preferences. It is completely unbiased process as it is based on a Psychometric test and Artificial Intelligence software to develop the report considering numerous options.
  • It is purely based on student’s Personality, Career Interest, Career Motivators and his/her Aptitude (Skills and Abilities).

Why is Career Counseling important?

Career Counseling provides better understand and clarity about the career options and develop a suitable career-path (career roadmap).
It saves a lot of time, money, frustration arising due to career indecisiveness.
A career counselor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career options but also provides a detailed execution plan.

Career Satisfaction:

Think about pursuing a career that you love the most? Career Counselor explores your interest areas, personality and abilities and based on that finds out most suitable career option for you.

Clear Education and Career Road Map:

Undergoing the process will give a clear educational and/or career road map. Early-stage career counseling always gives more time for execution but it’s never late for a professional to check their right career-path.

Career Assessment Dimensions and Framework.

At Zenith EdTech Solutions we use the best career guidance platform available in India, which has:
·    22 Different type of test for various stages and stream

·    AI Based Career Assessment Platform

·    College Admission Predictors

·    Study Abroad Application Process across 22 Countries


Search between 20+ Clusters, 180+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations and suggests Top, Good, Optional Careers for you along with the ones you must avoid.
More than 3 Lakh Students are benefited so far and have rated 4.9 / 5.0
Career report is not only limited to find out the most suitable career option but also offers detailed education road map with an execution plan.

There are many companies which offers single or two dimensional report, but Zenith EdTech Solutions provides a detailed 5-Dimensional report spanning 30+ pages and covering dimensions like:

– Career Personality Analysis

– Career Interest Analysis

– Career Motivator Analysis

– Learning Style Analysis

– Skills and Abilities Analysis

– Emotional Quotient / Emotional Intelligence (only for professionals)

Mohammad Zamir

An ambitious professional who has the passion for career counselling. Focus on bridging the gap between just decision making and selecting the right career path.
An MBA Graduate by his academic qualification and a certified Career Analyst by profession from Edumilestones, India. Working persistently to help students realize their dreams.
•His commitment to providing complete guidance to students and the youth looking for college & career counselling made him the first certified career counsellor in kalyan Karnataka region.
•He also takes up counselling workshops in schools & colleges. believing that there’s a major change in the education system today, students need proper career guidance and 360 degree knowledge about their prospective careers.
He also has 18+ years of experience in the field of HR, Training, Quality and Organization Development alongside being a career counsellor, coach, mentor and NLP Practitioner.

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